Thursday, November 30, 2006

2006 GIFT Challenge ~ Ain't I Just a Bundle of Fun!

I don't know if I am conforming with the challenge but the button was so bloody pretty that I decided to put it up anyways. Hahaha my evilness is public. Don's hate me Carl!!

2006 Challenge/ Recommendation purchase
List for this Christmas.

You know for all those people you 'love' & for those you Don't

What to Give Your Mother In Law:
Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory McGuire

What to Give your finance just because you couldn't find the words to Express it.
Son of a Witch by Gregory McGuire

What to give your Nephew who always comes over and destroys your furniture:
Loser by Jerry Spinelli

What to give that Sister who is always betting on 'em dam horses:
Sense And Sensibility by Jane Austen

For that brother whose minimalist (a.k.a. cheap) philosophy for Christmas has gotten to be too much to digest:
The Giver by Lois Lowry

What to Give your Mate who can never get you the right size when he shops for you :
The Idiot by F Dostoevsky

For Your Neighbours that have their MSN Messenger on Extra loud Speakers waking you up at all hours from that *bring*sound:
Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

For your Friend who always wanted to travel but could never afford it:
Gullivers Travels by Jonathan Swift

For the Boss who Just Brought you in for that really challenging raise:
Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice

For the Cook in the Family:
The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood

To Your Aunt Fanny who always has to have Christmas at her house every year, her way:
Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

To that Boyfriend who is hinting towards the big question and just needs a little nudge:
Lord of the Rings Boxed Set by J. R. R. Tolkien

What to give your Mom after midnight mass:
Why Do Men Have Nipples? by Mark Leyner & Dr. Billy Goldberg

For the Family Mooch:
The Thief Lord by
Cornelia Funke

The Beatles Fan:
Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

For your British Friend Given with the best of intentions:
White Teeth by Zadie Smith

For the Italian Girls:
French Women Don't Get Fat
by Mireille Guiliano

The Family Member who thinks they know Everything:
The World Is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman

For the Expecting Mother:
Welcome to Hell by Jan Arriens


Brandon said...

Hahaha! This is one of the funniest lists I've ever seen!

angela said...

too funny!

Nessie said...

Funny? No, no your too much. ***blush***

Bookfool said...

Thanks for the laughs!!

And, yeah, that's a great image Carl chose! I'm feeling very anti-join, right now, still coming off my month of writing and feeling flattened but watch out in January! I think I've already signed up for 3 challenges (including my own, for which I still don't have a cute button . . . hmm, how's that friend of yours doing?).

Nessie said...

I can check it out... he has exams but next week is free for the holidays.

I was gonna sign up for 2 others but then desided against it... I took one and will do it with a bang. The others... I cant make promises right now. Too many good book to be making lists.

Carl V. said...

Hilarious! Great ideas all!

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Loved this list!

litlove said...

This is just such a fantastic list. Hugely entertaining!