Friday, March 2, 2007

Tresure Island

Title: Treasure Island
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Children's Lit, Adventure
Modern Classics Library 2001;
Cassell & Company Ltd - 1883

Classics hosted Booklogged
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Feburary 2007

February 2007

I always wanted to marry a pirate. Especially when seeing Captain Sparrow on that big screen suddenly the hot sun didn't seem so offensive nor the nomadic lifestyle as scary. That adventure - knowing that life can change with every new wave that comes ones way - is what is so appealing about life at sea. Not one who shys away from letting everyone in hearing distance to listen to my 'fantasies', a friend once mentioned in passing, "Yeah, just like Long John Silver." Ashamed I bought the book the next day and swore to read it asat. The Classics Challenge was the kick in the ass that had me read it when I did.

The Jist: Poor Jim and his family did not know what they were getting themselves into when they accepted their eccentric guest who enjoyed his solitude by the fire with his ale. This unnamed fellow asks Jim to look out for the 'one legged man' ... and the young man faithfully does throughout even when ,soon after, the guest dies leaving, amongst his trinkets and old clothes, a treasure map. Once the Doctor and Captain are told of this discovery (Jim's discovery due to their guest not having paid for his stay) a boat is rented, a crew hired and off to sea with the map as navigator. Of course, the trusted crew are turncoats but luckily the ol' ship is true of heart. And so this tale begins with the esteemed Long John Silver and the heart of the coroption on board the vessile. When landing on the island, man, money and weather all stand in the way of safe journey... one which young Jim did not account for when he agreed to come along.

Best Part: Long John's 'mind over matter' character was fresh and heartening because it was so REAL. His character is what made this a page turner - loving the bastard was so easy and yet you can't help but feel a little guilty. A little naughty.

Worst Part: Sometimes Jim's circumstance seem contrived. Hey, is it bad if I say just a little?

Read This When: I you come home from work and are thinking to yourself, "But why the fuck bother?" And seriously consider leaving your stove on while you leave the house for a long long walk.
Or when the kids are trying to think of what to dress up for Halloween. I mean these characters make for the best costumes + its 'forcing them to read.

Why is this a classic?

Cordingly, he who penned the introduction to this edition, points out how Stevenson's first book is our yard stick for the pirate. Oh yes people, way before Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow came along this crew of pirates gave the world a ride to remember.

But more then that, Long John's character is remarkable; a sight worth seeing through the eyes of our narrator Jim. The youth makes you understand if anything, the charasima the captain has on those who come in his vicinity.

And above everything else, once a kid reads this book it would be hard for them NOT to become a bibliofile. This is a good thing people!

Film Version: There has been several adaptations of the work but most reknowned is the 1950 with Robert Newton playing LJS is considered the best.

Cool Factoid: The 1950s film was the first complete live action film by Disney.

Reading: My Name is Red - it's trailing from February but thats what moving does to you guys. Don't hate me :)


Bookfool said...

You moved? I missed that, but I can only recently load your blog, again. I'm so happy to be able to actually see all the hot authors and read your posts!!!

Kiddo #2 has read Treasure Island and agrees with your comment that it would be hard not to become a bibliophile after reading it. Okay, darn it. I'll have to get around to reading this one. I tried once and it was the wrong moment for 19th-century lit. Terrific review and thanks for the smiles. You had me imagining life with Johnny Depp in pirate mode and it was a most pleasant diversion, weird clothing thoughts and all.

Robin said...

My husband and I listened to the audiobook of Treasure Island on our last trip from Seattle to Portland, and it was a great listen! We both loved it!

This was a fun review to read... I'm enjoying your blog.

chittavrtti said...

So maybe that is why I love to read? I remeber reading Treasure Island when I was nine ... but ... I had read a lot before then too *g* I recently purchased a copy of Kidnapped so RLS is for young and old***CV

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