Saturday, December 16, 2006

"God Bless Us, Everyone"

Title: A Christmas Carol

Author: Charles Dickens
Introduction: John Irving
Genre: Classic, Fiction

ISBN: 0375758887
# of Pages: 107
Published: 2001, Modern Library; Originally 1867

Began Reading: December 15th, 2006
Finished Reading: December 16th, 2006

My sister has always had an affinity for Charles Dickens. She has read the majority of his works and last year when she saw that his leather bound editions were being sold, she bought them all though she had copies at home. When shopping this year for Bridal Magazines - yup she is doing the big M - I saw the Modern Library edition of A Christmas Carol and thought it would make for some great holiday reading. Though my intention was to read it by the fire on Christmas Eve, after finishing Mansfield Park I needed something quick and refreshing. Something different. That's how I ended up reading one of Dickens' greatest works - as I am told - when I did.

The Story: I feel kinda silly writing the story of the three Christmas Ghosts and how they haunted Ebenezer Scrooge, making him go from a hoarding bastard (think Kevin Federline mixed in with Mr Potter from It's a Wonderful Life) to a generous, inspiring man (think my Uncle Joe). Yeah, that's the story for ya, folks.

Comments: I was so surprised by Dickens' humour that I cannot wait to delve into his other texts. For some reason my impression was that his writing style was heavier when in fact he has a biting humour that had me laughing out loud. Over 100 years ago this was published, and here I am laughing! Life is amazing that way, isn't it?

Worst Part: I had seen Mickey's Christmas Carol at a young age and loved it. While reading the novella, I consistently had the image of a grumpy duck! And a mouse of a clerk! Oh me! Oh my! What despair to do such injustice!!

Best Part: "It is a fair, even-handed, noble adjustment of things, that while there is infection in disease and sorrow, there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good-humour." Page 70. How could you not want to tattoo that on your inner arm just so you can carry it around everywhere?

Recommend It To: Everyone who is looking for the right holiday read. The size is right, it's fun and I would love to read this out loud one evening with friend that would indulge me with such pleasure.


Bellezza said...

If I ever was to get a tattoo, I would definitely inscribe that from your "Best Part" description. What a wonderful quote!

I need to read more Dickens. There's nothing like the classics.

nessie said...

Yeah, I love how it still suprises me that they are comprehensible. After the trillion or so that I have read - still it's a suprise

Lotus Reads said...

Oh, I do love Dickens with "Oliver Twist" and "David Copperfield" being my favorites. I have never actually read "The Christmas Carol" myself, but we always attend a reading in a church somewhere - it's our Christmas tradition.

nessie said...

Oh Wow! I ain't no church goer but I would to be able to hear that story read aloud. Like I said, it seems like such a great way to spend the evening with company that enjoys listening to the writen word. I must read Tal eo f Two Cities next.

A Little Anecdote though... I just gave my first christmas present today and it was a real bust! I had called M's roomate to make sure she did not have Nabokov's Complete Short Stories but it turns out that copy is one of the few books that M keeps under her bed. Anyways I am going to to go return it today and get her something else. it's just that I was so excited about giving that to her because she LOVEs him sooo much. Bad Nessie bad.

hellomelissa said...

dickens' humor reminds me of my husband's, and i've tried unsuccessfully to get him to read some. it cracks me up that you pictured scrooge mcduck and mickey!

sorry about the nabokov bust. hey! that's an idea! a bust of nabokov! help me... i'm getting cornier by the second.

booklogged said...

Nessie, I read A Christmas Carol for the first time last year. Like you, I was pleasantly surprised at the humor and that Dickens wasn't as hard to read as I expected. It's really too bad about Uncle McScrooge.

tiny tim said...

listen kid,

i wouldn't have minded having two copies. one to keep and one to lend? either way, thank you. it was terribly sweet of you to investigate the contents of my library just so you could surprise me. you're a bad speller, but a great friend and i suppose that's what counts.

nessie said...

Hello M! So happy you can make an official appearance. What's this tiny tim business ...?
Also glad to know that my disability doesn't offend you. So nice to know. ;)

Merry Christmas M and the rest of you crazy bloggers. In case I don't around saying it.

bookish lore said...

My feelings exactly about Dickens. I've always opened one of his novels wit a little bit of apprehension only to find them inviting and with a kinda tongue in cheek sense of humour
Oh! and Merry Christmas to you too!

Isabella said...

I've read very little Dickens, I'm afraid to say, which is weird because what I have read I've loved. I think I often feel I needn't bother; there's so many films and allusions to the work, it's AS IF I've read it.

I wish you hadn't mentioned the duck and the mouse, because now I'm picturing A Christmas Carol done Maus-style (Speigelman — the graphic novel), although that could be kind of awesome, in a way.

Merry Christmas! (I'm in Montreal too.)

nessie said...

Ah! Isabella! can you believe this weather we have been having. I keep on saying that it feels like Florida. Am afraid it will mean another ice storm :(

My apologise about the Mickey Mouse business. That WOULD be cool actually - a graphic novel version of the story.

Angela/SciFiChick said...

With all the different versions of the movies that I've watched, I don't think I've ever actually read the book.

nessie said...

I have to admit that the film/tv versions that exist out there are great adaptations of the text. They have stayed true to his text. If anything they have embelished a little more on the love story. Is it still worth the read? I would say yes. Because I get off on comparing visual media to written word and because there are such amazing lines in there - many more then just the one I quoted in the post - that you want to write them all down and re-read them over and over. though the story is fully connected to Christmas, he is speaking of much much more than that.
If you do ever pick it up - you need less then an hour or two to read for its 100 pages! - let me know! It would be fun to see what you favorite part was as well.

Jackie said...

This is my favorite Christmas story ever! I never get tired of it and we do read it out loud during the holidays (I have 3 kids) and they love it too! One great tv movie adaptation is with Patrick Stewart - really good.

nessie said...

Jackie I have to say I am jealous of your kids. Lucky you that they can appreciate the story! I will check out the P Stewart adaptation but you know there is nothing like the first. Ah, Mickey!

Anonymous said...

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