Thursday, December 7, 2006

Blame it on Booklogged...

"What, another challenge. The Horror?"

"The Horror?" she said...

"The horror that I didn't think of it myself. What would I do without my fellow bibliophile bloggers." The tone of wonder was sincere even if it was corny as hell.

My 5 Classics:

As I mentioned below in my TBR Challenge List that I have a tendency to cheat, Miz Books wised me up. So no I am not even going to cross any books over. These are 5 picked from the stacks guys and hope ya like 'em cause your gonna be hearing me blab about them for two months!!
This time though, it's in no particular order:

(1) Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis
Once when I was minding my business reading Shopaholic and loving it at Indigo, this 'gentleman' comes up to me and starts YELLING at how I was wasting my mind away reading 'that junk'. He ran over to the stacks and picked out this book and ordered me to buy it immediately. Well ,you Elitest Asshole, I eventually did buy it and I plan to read it. Yet I insist that I am not wasting my time reading "dessert books," that I am such a dedicated and astute reader that I manage to learn something from even the most meagre artistic materials. I am able to find something worthy, if only an interesting character or a humourous line, in what you so easily and hastily termed 'junk'. And, I may as well add, that I am likely reading what you yourself read too. I read it all, mister. One more thing, sir, you should probably mind your own business and let readers be readers.

(2) I, Robot by Asimov

I love the movie. It is a classic that has to be read, have it on my nighttable but I'm always like 'Oh next time. Next.' Yeah! Next is finally here!

(3) Treasure Island by Robert louis Stevenson
Did I tell you that I'm a part-time pirate?! Seriously! How could that have slippedm y mind...

(4) The Art of Love by Ovid
This is my Valentine's Day special to get me in the mood and in the groove. Also, M keeps on nagging that I have to make some headway into the poetry realm. It just never tickled my fancy.

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
I did read it but then didn't. So I have to do the justice that it deserves.

That's it Folks. Call me Crazy. Call me Mad. But I'm in Love.


Bybee said...

OMG, I cannot believe you were accosted in a bookstore like that! Even Dorothy Parker would have difficulty coming up with just the perfect stinging quip for such a situation. Even though the guy was as rude as all hell, though, gotta give him credit for his good taste in literature, bonus points for the quirkiness of his choice.

Joy said...

Hi Nessie!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad that you'll be joining in on all the reading fun. :)

As for the Chunkster...I probably will only read one throughout the 6 months, whether it technically counts or not. It gives me another reason to finally read it.

Happy Reading!

Nessie said...

Well actually after that day I started seeing him everywhere I went on his bike. It was SOOOOOO creepy.

I have my reservations about this being good. We shall soon see. I think I may be poisoned into hating this ... wonder why?

Stephen said...

Dorian Gray does deserve justice and so does Metamorphosis as well, although I wouldn't want to go there again...
I do a bit of the part-time pirate thing too although - horror of all horrors - I have never read Treasure Island.

Nessie said...

I think the hard thing about classics is that you know there is some kind of buzz around it. People often are relunctant to admit that they do not enjoy Austen or Dickens because it may make them seem uneducated. To dat, I have always appreciated these texts upon a second reading. When the story becomes secondary and the words or words-un'spoken' are primary.

iliana said...

Lots of variety here! I just realized all of my books are by women and about women. ah well. Still can't get over that weirdo who yelled at you.

Nessie said...

hahahaha I attrack them. You should see the lists of significant others Ive got. Too xrated for this blog alas.

I love reading with a theme. It brings perspective

Literary Feline said...

What a story to go with The Metamorphosis! LOL I read that many years ago for school, and it still haunts me today. You've got a great list there! Happy Reading!

Nessie said...

Thanks LF. Thats it you know... with my books I often think as much on HOW I ended up reading this particular volume out of the gazzzzilllion out there as what I am reading. Can you tell? ;)

Lotus Reads said...

Hahahaa, I can't wait to find out what you think of Kafka's "Metamorphosis", especially after that crazy chap yelled at you like that! Funny story.

I also think it's clever how you picked Ovid's "Art of Love" for the February read, I wish I had thought to do something special for the month of love - maybe I can do something with the TBR 2007.

Great list, I so look forward to your reviews!

Nessie said...

Yeah I don't know how bias I will be either but hell! It seems that am a magnet for crazy book nazi's. Aye M??? hehehe

Like I said, M - the gentlelady who has a strict hierarchy when it comes to books & grammar - is having me memorize poems after she has noted that there is nil in my own library. Thus, I thought to complement this crusade by spreading my horizens. Its nice to dyversify... that way next poem meme I can actually have something to write!

booklogged said...

Nessie, I think I must be loosing my mind! I was here the other day and saw your list. Can't believe I didn't leave a comment. And then when you left that message for me, I couldn't even find the whole Challenge post on my blog so I could see if I added your name. Finally, found it. I had saved it as a draft so it didn't show up. Good Grief!

Anyway, your list looks great.

angela said...

I tried reading I, Robot.. but never actually finished it. Hope you enjoy it more than I did!