Sunday, September 10, 2006

Here's All the Dirt on My First

they say you never forget the first one... It's so true.

do you all remember the first book you ever read?
(well now what were you expecting from a lifelong bibliophile?!)
not only was G.C. Warner's The Boxcar Children my very first, its definitely in my top 10.

The Sum Up: 4 sibs run away from the orphange because they're about to be adopted seperatly. lucky for them, a boxcar just happens to be in forest, empty, clean and resourceful. after a few weeks in the boxcar they are discovered by their richass granddad who brings the boxcar home with them where they get to play in the backyard .

Favorite Part: I've had 'boxcar' on the top of my xmas list since grade two. these guys make a swimming pool, scavage for the coolest stuff in a near by dump AND end up adopting a lost soul for themselves - a doggy!!!

Worst Part: When they leave the boxcar & when Violet gets sick - pretty harsh.

Perfect Read: for anyone starting out, looking for something that suprisingly amazing and portable.

Warning: no sex or drugs in this one guys BUT its very very dfficult to get a copy of. Its been in print since forever (1942)

Cool Fact: there is a BoxCar Children's Museum. Where have I been?!?

Tell me what you think...

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