Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Progress Report

Turns out we have failed yet again my fellow huminoids!

Title: A Short History of Progress

By: Ronald Wright

ISBN: 0887847064 Page#: 132 + endnotes... & there are many!

Published: 2004 House of Anansi Press Inc.

Began Reading: November 13th Finished Reading: November 14th 2006

Da Jazz: Wright is trying to give us a general prediction about the future by investigating humanity's (depressing? sorry? pathetic? violent?...) past. His conclusions of course can be summed up in the fact that there is little hope that we can really recooperate. Not becauase its impossible or beyond our capability. Oh no! Just that historically it seems as if mankind is waaaaaaaaay to preoccupied with the NOW! in every sense of the word. A little too much Niezche education there guys! Wright examines the development of tools, the 'progress' of civilization, development of hierarchy... You know, the usual.

Comments: Well written - simplistic but not overly so. For such a wide topic the choice of points & issues were excellent. I do hate having the footnotes at the end (aka endnotes) which by the 2nd chapter just gave up on. The most entertaining element is the way the arts and literature along with political speaches, radio, stats, etc. are integrated as valid, solid points in their right. What Wright is really covering and addressing is our pereptions of what progress is and how superficial that is. there is an obligation to the future to invest in long term and he brings forth and attacks those arguments that say otehrwise.

Recommend to: A great intro to fiction readers to join the other side. Those looking for a present of general interest. Dad & Harry I think would love this especially the former.

Not For: Anthropology student. Way too 'been there done that'. Wright isn't bringing anything new to the table. Rather it's in his style and the WAY he presents the old hat material that makes this book worth while.